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Our President and CEO spent over 10 years in the retail portion of this business. He has sold and installed over 10,000 insulation, solar fan, and stairway insulator jobs. He has perfected his process and is happy to share it with you and your employees. Tom will go over each of our products, giving you all the information you need to be able to educate your customers on an efficient attic and our products. Classes are held at our Conroe Facility and are generally a full day. Items covered include:

Solar Fan Knowledge, Sales, Correct Placement, Installation, FAQ

Attic Stairway Insulator Knowledge, Sales, Installation, FAQ

Attic Fresh Knowledge, Sales, Installation, FAQ

In-Home Sales 101- Earning the Sale from Start to Finish

Q & A with Tom

Our Conroe facility is located at:

13627 Poplar Circle #101

Conroe, TX 77304

If you can't make it to Conroe and would like Tom to come to you, let us know. For a fee Tom can come visit you and your team and even go out on a few quotes with your sales reps.

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