Should I Insulate My Home in the Fall?

The fall is a great time to insulate your home. Think of insulation as nice warm coat. If your home is wearing the coat when the temperatures drop, it won't need to do much to keep you warm.

However, if you don't have adequate insulation and winter hits, your furnace will struggle and fight just to keep the home somewhat comfortable. And in actuality it may

Fall is a wonderful time to insulate for a more comfortable winter

never get comfortable. This will cause you to pay more in energy bills and to be more uncomfortable.

Having an attic check in the fall and insulation added if needed will help you make it through the winter warmer and with more money in your pocket. Adding an attic stairway insulator at the same time will make a HUGE difference as well as it will seal off the attic door and keep drafts from coming into the home.

Give us a call if you need to find a company in our area that will install our Draft Master attic stairway insulator along with your insulation. We are happy to help! 832-379-5757

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