Welcome to Fall...Maybe

Well, it is officially fall and lo and's still HOT! Although some of our people are in Salt Lake City for the Solar Power International Show, and they say it's cool and beautiful there. No matter where you are in this great nation, fall is here. Which means fall checkups and/or adding insulation to ward off the coming chill.

The Draft Master attic stairway insulator is a great addition to the fall checkup and to help with the coming winter cold. This insulator is R15 and will seal the leaky gap that all attic doors are known for. It will help your customers keep that attic air in the attic, so this winter, there won't be those nasty cold drafts.

Not to mention, it will definitely keep the dust, allergens, and insulation in the attic and out of the home. The Draft Master attic stairway insulator is a very cost effective way to help with energy costs and definitely with comfort. Call us today to learn more. 832-379-5757

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