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We are The Attic Depot. We love to hear from our customers and love to help when we can! Feel free to reach out to us any time!

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Dani Decker - Operations Manager

Contact Dani for anything AR, AP, account set up, ordering, or shipping related! She can help with most questions and get you on your way fast!

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Tom Decker - President

Tom is your go to for sales help, marketing help, product knowledge, bulk ordering, etc. Tom knows everything about the sales, marketing and installation of solar attic fans and attic stairway insulators!

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Tim Decker - Vice President

Tim runs our in-house graphics department. If you are in need of printed materials for marketing, trade shows, etc., he's your man! Tim also runs our custom Draft Master program. Have your logo printed on our Draft Master for a perfect marketing piece!

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Justin Norvell - Outside Sales/Training

Justin is in charge of outside sales. He's happy to help you learn more about The Attic Depot solar fans and stairway insulators. He is also our installation trainer!


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