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Solar Fan Video Series

Solar Fan Installation Tools

Learn about the tools needed to install our solar attic fans!

Gable Fan Installation

Learn the proper way to install our 30w solar gable fan.

Building Science Types

Learn about building science and when you do and don't want to install a solar attic fan

A Turbo Charger for Your Attic

Solar Attic Fans can act as a turbo charger for cooling the attic. Learn more here.

The Science Behind a Teepee

Teepees are designed to move smoke up and out. Learn why that's important when discussing an attic.

AC System Operation

The Air Conditioning in the home is not just to cool it. It plays a pivotal role in removing heat as well.

Roof Mount Solar Fan Installation

Learn the best techniques and best practices for installing our solar attic fans from our experts.

Benefits of Solar Ventilation

The biggest benefits to installing solar attic ventilation are discussed here.

Electric Fans Can Cause Fires

Solar fans do not plug into your home. They run off of the energy from the Sun. Learn here why solar attic ventilation is the safer route to go when cooling your attic.

Hot Attics

Why do attics get so hot and is it really an issue? Learn all about hot attics and what you can do about them here.

Is the Fan Running?

Always make sure the fan you installed is running before you leave. If the fan you installed is not running, you probably didn't install the thermostat properly. Learn to troubleshoot this issue here.

Passive vs. Active Ventilation

Learn the difference between passive ventilation and active ventilation.

Qualify for 30% Tax Credit

Our solar attic fans qualify for the federal 30% solar tax credit.

30 Watt Solar Fan Unboxing

Learn about all the parts needed for installation and what NOT to overlook as we unbox our 30w solar attic fan!

Solar Fan Placement

Placing the solar fan properly is of utmost importance if you want it to fully benefit your customer.

The Science Behind a Chimney

The chimney is designed to pull smoke out of a home when the fireplace is used. Learn how this applies to your attic.

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