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The Attic Depot 30 Watt solar attic fans are a natural, cost effective way to help your customers homes be more comfortable and efficient. A well ventilated attic will keep the attic more temperate & dry, which keeps the home more comfortable,thus requiring less use of the heating and cooling system. Installing a solar fan results in a more comfortable home and lower energy bills. Every home should have proper attic ventilation with solar fans, and because our solar attic fans rely on the sun, they require $0 to run.

Benefits of a Solar Attic Fan

  1. Solar Fans convert passive ventilation to active

  2. A Solar fan can extend the life of the roof and A/C system

  3. Solar Fans reduce moisture which reduces mold & mildew

  4. Solar Fans Increase air exchanges (per hour)

  5. There is no cost to operate a solar attic fan

  6. Solar Fans qualify for the 26% Federal Tax Credit Program

  7. Our solar fan is extreme weather ready with aluminum

       components and stainless steel fasteners

The purpose of a solar fan is to reduce temperatures inside the

attic and other enclosed spaces throughout the year.  In the summer

this helps make the living areas more comfortable and reduces HVAC

usage, adding to its lifespan and saving energy. Solar fans also help reduce heat which can cause deterioration of shingles, roof boards, sheathing, siding, insulation and valuables stored in the attic.

In the winter solar fans help to prevent moist air from condensing on the underside of the roof, beams, and rafters. Condensation can cause mildew, rotting of wood, and excessive rusting of some components of the roof structure. Solar fans help keep the attic dry.

Our 30 Watt solar attic fan is simple solution to a hot, under ventilated attic. It is available in roof mount and gable mount and is incredibly easy to install.


The 30 Watt Roof Mounted Solar Attic Fan by The Attic Depot is 24 Volt and 30 Watts. It contains a brushless, whisper quiet motor at only 30db. This Solar Attic Fan features 1550 CFM.

Also Available in Gable Mount


Our 30 Watt Solar Attic Fan is made of black powder coated galvanized steel 

The humidity sensor turns the fan on at 75% humidity & the thermostat turns it on at 85° .

This solar attic fan also features an adjustable panel, standard.

Florida Windstorm Rated # 30888


The dimensions are:

19" Length

19" Width

9" Height

Cut out diameter is 14".


Our Solar Attic Fan includes a lifetime warranty on parts for manufacturer defects. If you have an issue with one of our fans, we fix it immediately.

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